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Hey Capt Neil,
You had helped me put together
a tog stick with a cgbt841m lami blank.
It turned out great, however i regret
using the hypalon foam butt and fore
grips. It added extra weight to the
stick. I guess Im used to lighter
style rods. Im wondering if it is possible to remove the hype grips and
replace with cork. Or perhaps cork tape.
Bad idea? It is a fine rod other than
that. Perhaps I should just leave it alone and use it at spots where alot
of backbone is needed ie-north shore
supersticky wrecks.
Waddaya think?
Rick S

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Hi Rick.

Am glad to hear you like the rod. Yes it is a sensitive rod for deep water, heavy lead and large fish.

I see 2 options.

1. Use a serated knife and slice the synthetic grips off. Careful, DO NOT cut into the blank. Sand off all the remains till smooth. Install 2 layers of cork tape off settinf each layer by 50%.

If the grip is too narrow do #2.

2. Buy Red Devil DRAGON SKIN, steel sanding sheet. Cut a piece 1" wide and sand the grips down to a level that still fits your hand. You have reduced the weight. Using contact cement install a layer of cork tape. Finish off the ends so the tape can't unravel.

Some synthetic grips are heavier than others.

Let me know how you make out!

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This is why I specify extra-firm EVA ONLY on my custom rods.

The weight of cork, and non-slippery in cold or slimey conditions.


I would think that it would require the removal of your reel seat to replace the forward grip with EVA though.

How deep do you want to get into it?

rgds, Leprechaun
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