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center consoles

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hi members

i had posted this question on a different discussion board but got only 1 response and some how i beleive there is more than 1 member with a center console boat.
my question is what about security at the dock when you are not around? where do you stow rods and reels electronics ,nets anchors and every thing else that we carry.this stuff gets expensive and also is not easy to transport back and forth to the boat .what further makes my problem a little harder is that i have three grown sons that all have keys to the boat,and if i were to take home the nets for example or the fish finder they would need to stop by my house to pick up gear before they went out or worse vise there reliable lockable storage on a center console adequate to secure these items
vinny f
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Most of the security you are looking for does not exist on center consoles, and I assume you do not live on the water for if you did you would have no problems. As far as the electronics is concerned I ALWAYS remove mine from my center console just to improve their life expectancy, and even though the boat is tied right behind my house it only takes some hoodlum or drunkass 15 seconds to hop on the boat rip off a piece or two and cruise away.

As for your rods and nets, most people even in public/private marinas leave their stuff on the boat. Usually we all become brotherly, neighborly, etc. and watch our fellow boaters boat and boat stuff(s) as if it was our own.
Of course I would not leave a $600-800 reel on the boat that would be plain stupid.

The only remedy that I can offer which depends on the place you keep the boat and your pocketbook, is one of those fiberglass decklockers. You can drill through the bottom and secure it to the dock at which your boat is kept. These do tend to get a little expensive and if someone wants to get into it with a bat it is not going to matter, but at least you can lock rods and reels in there.

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I have a CC and a walkaround, and I don't leave anything valuable on either. There isn't much in the way of security when it comes to boats. Most locks can be broken with a screwdriver or a wrench. Sure, locks will keep the honest people honest, but they're not the ones you need to worry about. I've built a custom lock to go over the face of my electronics box to fend off the wolves, but I only use it when I'm away from the boat for a couple of hours.

Check you insurance policy to ensure that your coverage will cover loss in the event someone walks off with your stuff.
I have a Center Console, with a locking electronics box, I also have a locking radio box on my T-Top. I lock up all my gear when I am not in the boat. If you do not have any way of locking stuff up, unplug it and take it with you. All it takes is for the one time when somebody decides your gear is to enticing, and your out hundreds, if not thousands!
Lock the box

Hey Vinnie:

I bolted an truck box to the deck of my boat which I have a center console and needed secure storage for e.g ligth tackle, life jackets etc. You can still get into it with little problem. I always take my radio, Loran, fishfinder off the boat much more secure that way.

Pretty much the other boating angler cover all the details you needed.

I hope this help you.

Bunker Lou!!

Bunker lou
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See if your mariona will let you bolt a lockable storage box to the dock. Bring the rods home! A net is a $10.00 dollar item, mark it with your name or boat name. No one is going to steel the net but your boating neighbors. Same with hoses and nozzles.

Check with your neighbors about their experience with security in the marina where you dock your boat. All my stuff is locked in my CC - forward compartment, locked console, locked electronics box. All locks on a boat can be easily compromised, nothing's guaranteed - it's a trade off between convenience and security. If I get burned than I will re-think my philosophy. Good luck.
thanks for all the responses.all seem logical.and you guys are surely right about the false sense of security you can get from a 2.95 lock.
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