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Somebody tell me this isn't true!!

Well, here's an interesting transcript. When, in Sept. 2002, CNN's
Jamie McIntyre showed Rumsfeld the now infamous picture of
Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein in 1983
(picture) immediately after Saddam had used chemical
weapons against the Iranians and Kurds, not only did CNN scrub the
photo from the internet, they censored any mention of the video/photo at
all in the interview.

Here's the transcript as posted on CNN's website, and below it is the
transcript as it actually occurred: - Rumsfeld on Iraq:

MCINTYRE: Well, let me take you back about 20 years ago. The date, I
believe, was December 20th, 1983, you were meeting with Saddam
Hussein. Tell me what was going on during this meeting.

RUMSFELD: Well, Iraq was in a battle, war with Iran. And the United
States had just had 241 Marines killed.

- - - - - - - - -
But, from the DoD's own copy of the transcript:

McIntyre: Well, let me take you back to about 20 years ago. The date, I
believe, was December 20, 1983. You were meeting with Saddam
Hussein, I think we have some video of that meeting. Tell me what was
going on during this meeting?

Rumsfeld: Where did you get this video, from the Iraqi television?

McIntyre: This is from the Iraqi television.

Rumsfeld: When did they give it to you, recently or back then?

McIntyre: We dug this out of the CNN library.

Rumsfeld: I see. Isn't that interesting. There I am.

McIntyre: So what was going on here, what were you thinking at the

Rumsfeld: Well, Iraq was in a battle, a war, with Iran....


The issue here is the ongoing censorship by CNN and the rest of the
corporate media, of what is really going on.

Rumsfeld was in Iraq in 1983 as a private citizen asked by President
Reagan to travel there. In addition, at the time the Bechtel Corporation
was attempting to negotiate an oil pipeline with Iraq, which was to go
through Jordan to the Gulf of Aqaba. Top members of the Reagan
cabinet (Shultz, Weinberger, others) were officials of Bechtel, with the
exception of Gen. Alexander Haig. This part of the story -- the oil
pipeline -- keeps getting lost amidst all the clouds of poisonous
gasses sold to Iraq by US and German corporations.

- Mitchel Cohen

(This post edited by rosco on 04/12/2003)

(This post edited by rosco on 04/12/2003)
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Funny when ever there is a politcal thread started you see the same names pop with posts bashing america or bush.

Are they Gore workers or DNC workers who lost their jobs after the elections
Or do they just hate this country so much they are trying to distroy from within.
Or are they on the Goverment tit and are afraid if the the Dems don't regain power they can't suckle on the goverment tit any more
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