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cc pro-line boats

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thinking about a new 19'-21' cc pro-line, for long island sound, any experience or opinions . thanks in advance
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Prolines are better then average in my opinion, they hold up over the years, many old ones around. A critisism of the newer ones is with gelcoat issues,
people have differing opinions about these boats but thats mine.
I own a 1999 220 sport CC Proline. Love the boat. Only issue I had was the leaning post was too low but Proline has since fixed that. Good choice.

tmike I own 1990 210 proline , It has served me well over the years, I like the older ones like mine - great walk around space and high gunwales all around. If I find the right 90 -93 24 ft with twin engines I would buy another proline. For the money it surpasses others.
Hey tmike,

I own a 1998 17 ft cc Proline with a force 90. The boat for it size handles great and I fish the western sound. I believe Pro line makes a walk-around in the size your looking for. I would consider that for the added protection in foul weather. The cc are pretty much a fair weather boat. Good luck.

I own a 2002 Pro-Line 17 foot CC. It is an OK boat for the money. Not a bottom of the line cheap boat, but not top of the line either.

Some of the things that bother me about my boat are the hatches. Tiny which make getting to the internal hull very hard to do. I would have liked more and larger hatches in the deck and lots of access.

The next thing I would change is the interior of the hull, which is very rough. The glass work is so rough, that you have trouble cleaning it. I got a number of fiberglass splitters while working on the boat.

One last complaint. The boat doesn't drain well. Either does the motor well. Maybe I'm paranoid, but when I'm washing the boat down after a day on the water, my feeling is the boat should drain quicker. If the motor ever quit and I took a wave over the stern, I wonder how fast the boat could drain the water out. Also the ****pit drain is only 1 inch or so above the water line. So if a big wave did fill the boat with water, I wonder if the ****pit drain would be below the water line. Then I would have to rely solely on the bilge pump.

If there are gel coat issues that will show up as the boat gets older, I cant say. The fit and finish on exterior of the boat is excellent.

The ride isn't bad for a 17 footer. In fact it's quite good. I was surprised how dry the ride is. However, I can't compare my ride to yours. A 21 should ride much better. Bigger boats usually do.

One last comment. Bigger is better. If money isn't an issue go with the bigger boat.
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I have a 87'Proline 17. Once and only once took a wave over the bow. Boat drained within seconds. Slef bailing is just that and it worked the way it should.

My boat is in super shape, a few spider craks in the gell where there is hard corners but for it's age no big deal and any boat will get them with time.

As far as I am concerned, The prolines are top of the line boats and meant for the ocean.

Capt. Marc

Capt. Marc
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Capt. Marc

I'm curious, what is the worst weather you have had you boat out in for any length of time?

How far out in the ocean have you gone? Block Island? You have had your boat a number of years and was interested as to the capabilities of the boat.

Also, my comments were not meant to offend. After all I own a Pro-Line. Just think improvements can be made.

And, after all tmike did ask for opinions.
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