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Catching your own bait.

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With the rising costs of bait and all other things associated with a day on the water I was wondering who out there takes the time to catch thier own bait.I try to catch as much of my own as possible.Fishing for herring in the winter,vaccum sealing them for later use.Throwing a cast net at the dock for bunker the night before a shark trip.I keep an eel pot under the boat in the fall during the striper run.All of this has saved me a ton of dough that I can spend on other things like that second six pack.
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I have a bait ben - 5 'x 3'- I can hold alot of bunker...... when they die I throw them in the freezer whole in 5 gallon buckets to either grind up for shark chum or use to chunk when there is no bait around. Never thought of as saving money though- sometime it costs me more money in fuel to find the bait, but that is the only way I catch good size bass. I also load up on peanuts for fluke and freeze them tuna chunking- they glisten great on the way down.......
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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