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Ya mean like these?

Taken on my boat while fluke fishing between Cholera and the Hempstead Reef - one each for the last two seasons running. They kinda just found us out there in open water and quick work by my crew put both of them in the fishbox.

I'm not the one to ask this question of, as I do not target these fish, But in general these smaller, inshore mahi like to lurk under and around floating debris and lobster pot bouys.

So I would think that casting a small fishbait tipped bucktail around such floating structures would be the way to go. If I had to pick a spot to do this fishing locally, I would have to say that prowling the pot lines at Cholera early in the day before the summertime fluke and C-bass drifters get out there and start blasting back and forth would be what I would do for inshore mahi.

best, Lep


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