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Let's tell the whole story


Only half of a point of view was presented so I read the aricle and here is what I found.

The Virginia Pilot wrote:
The 2007 data show that although landings decreased, so did expenses. Watermen had more flexibility to catch and sell fish throughout the year. Fish per pound were worth more, and by-catch was decreased. Ultimately, the gross value was higher and the fishery became more sustainable,

C?mon what more do you want? The program is making money for commercial fishermen. They are able to cut their expenses by fishing when convenient or selling there share. All that and the price per pound they get paid went up too.

The Virginia Pilot wrote:

Catch shares would allow watermen to know in advance what they can catch, and if they are not interested in using them they could sell or trade them. They could also give watermen more flexibility with when they can fish, advocates say.
It even offers flexibility to make more money for commercial fishermen.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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