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I fished in clove lake in staten island for carp. There is a area on the lake where carps between 8 and 15 pounds just swim around. My friend fished the lake in the summer for channel catfish and noticed the carp. He was using pizza doe and saw the carps. He casted in that area and the carp sucked the bait in. He was using 8 pound test and line and there was a lot of cover in the area. his line poped. he got about 2 more bites for the day and both times the line poped. This happened between 5 and 630. Now we decide to go fish there for carp and bring a little heaver tackle. We go and catch nothing. We fished in between 12 and 2. What should i do to catch these carps? Waht time should i go?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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