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Hallo guys,
Introducing myself from across the big salty pond, with carp along with many other fish, pre-baiting is the best way to get a result.Hemp-seed is a fantastic attractor ( if it's legal over there that is!), along with maize,mashed bread,maggots and casters (outstanding), chopped worms,fish-feed pellets
A basic rule is bait up every evening for 2 or 3 weeks..this creates a totally new and regular food source and you will attract all species..the activities of the tiddlers will attract the carp who will then bully the others out and adopt the spot as their own.
I know this sounds excessive but the more time and effort spent will only bring more benefit.
Observation will pay massive dividends.first you must locate your quarry!This cannot be stressed highly enough.
I'll stop here as my food is readybut you can private me if you want more details .....good luck!
steve C[URL="mailto:[email protected]>Your"]Your Name[/URL]
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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