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Every summer i go fishing up state. There is this shallow river filled with fish there. I caught some nice smallmouths there. I also fish for carp and when i was casting my rapala crank bait i saw a school of 5 big common carp. So the next day i made dought balls with corn starch, flour, peantbutter and sugar. I went to the river and started prebaiting the area. Stood there and not even a bite. Its so shallow that u can see the carp swimming around the area. So i tried some nightcrawlers and finally got a bite. About 4 minutes later i caught a 13 pound carp.I stood there 2 hours more and nothing. the next day i caught nothing too. Would somenone please tell me what am i doing wrong in this shallow river. THANKS
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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