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Captree Sea Bass, when does it get good?

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Last year on a random day that I got off around the end of May I took a ride out to Captree to try for some seabass. I didnt think much about it, I just grabbed any rod and reel I had, that was it. Well that day the fishing was phenomenal, I limited out easily. My timing was perfect. So my question is when do you think that the seabassin will heat up out there?
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South Shore seabass

Weather and conditions permitting, you're absolutely right, the whole month of May, and sometimes into June, is the best time to get seabass, and not just keepers I mean real knotheads, humpbacks, whatever you want to call them, on the inshore pieces on the South Shore. Not just the Captree boats, the Pt. Lookout guys are getting them real good right now, as well.

Later on, in the summer, you'll still have plenty of life, but keepers are much tougher to come by inshore.
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