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Capt. Edward Smith
Wyckoff, NJ
C 201-926=8315
[email protected]


Seeking employment as a full or part time Captain for a private, charter or Company boat.


-USCG liscensed Capt.
-over 30 years experience
-owner/operator Boatsmith Charters last 2 years with intimate experience fishing inshore to the N E Canyons and the S E coast of Florida
-founded Boatsmtih, LLC a NJ liscensed boat dealership
-partner in Great Lakes Boat Co. specializing in the importation of boats
-extensive experience in all aspects of boat maintenance, delivery, prep. and sales.


Graduate Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY with a BS in Biology

-References available
-willing to relocate for the right position
-Drug free non drinker

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drug free and you went to Oneonta?....i don't believe that for a minute....LOL! i used to live in the house at the bottom of the hartwick hill/wall that was next to a church....
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