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I've been reading so much about Captain Kayak (Jerry Collins) that I decided that I would take a run over to Dune Road, East Quogue to see what he had there. Jerry is a very personable guy, even though this was a holiday weekend and he was starting to get busy, he took time out to chat and explain some of the equipment to me and just do a little BS'ing about life, kayaking & Fishing.
I wasn't ready to purchase any equipment today, and he knew that, but he gave me some of his time with absoultly no sales pitches.
I would recommend his services and equipment to anyone who needs anything for their Yak or even for a Yak and if you can't get to the Dune Road location he said that his newest location in Sayville will be opening in full swing right after this weekend.( I will be up there this week to pick up some stuff)Sorry I didn't get to meet Suzanne but maybe next time.

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