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My brother and I started a local striper tourney a few years back, and now have the 5th annual Harwich Headhunt striper tourney coming up July 26. We basically didn't see a whole lot of tourneys in the mid-cape area, and started a local tournament that has garnered a lot of support from local businesses (Charlie Moore, On the Water, etc.) and the community as a whole. The tourney has been a blast, we had about 15 boats last year, and all the cash goes to the boat with the one biggest striper (by weight). The tourney is open to all Cape fisherman, so please check it out at or email [email protected] if anyone is interested. There are gifts for different places, tshirts for everyone, and a great party after at the 400 Club. Let us know if anyone has any questions, and if anyone has run tournaments in the past, we would love to talk - this is still a learning experience for us so any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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