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Hit the Cape last week with the family. Home base was in Barnstable harbor from saturday to saturday.

Pulled into town and wasted little time getting down to business with
the fishing. Fished the harbor and general area for the first three
days for nothing. Weather was raining with a couple thunderheads
mixed in. Overall the whole week was unpredictable concerning the
weather. I fished both the day and night high tides and so no
evidence of any fish with exception of a few micro bait specimens in the
eel grass.

Talked to a local bait shop about the good news.

My wife and I planned a trip to head out to Race Point in
Provincetown. We hiked the beach from the parking lot to Race Point.
I fished the traps, the Point, and Hatches harbor. Wind was from the
north and I found fish on the north facing beaches but they were not
the target. I had a blast though and got a mini work out.

I was just impressed by the dedication of the crew on the beach.
Camping in style with their boats at the high water. Perhaps some day......

The first fish fell to an afterhours Junior which I quickly switch out for some iron.

After about twenty minutes of nothing I moved up the beach and threw
on the Junior again. Strike...strike...engage! Then to my horror a
blue chomped threw my 30lb leader and took the Junior as its prize.

Crap! $20+ down the tubes.

I fished a surface iron and an atom popper for the remainder of the
outing. The iron I used was a Tady C surface iron. The bluefish went
wild! The body of the iron is about 6" long and casts pretty far. I
haven't seen any of these in local tackle shops. Has anyone used one
these successfully on bass on this coast? I bought mine when I was
living in CA.

It was new when I started the day....the blues broke a few teeth on this devil

the point

I found this bugger in the inlet to hatches.

the release:

spied a shark washed up....

Lots of relics from the recent night

The lure Gods gave me a second chance. I can only imagine that Junior
is meant for a future purpose. On our return hike back to the lot I
scanned the high tide line for Afterhours Junior I lost to a
Blue.....and I found it! I have done this before and have found lures
I have lost on an incoming tide. Yeeeeeaaaaah!

The next day my wife and I had access to kayaks for a few hours
and I saw something I had never seen before.

It was a sandworm swimming like a snake through the marsh we were
paddling through. I would have never guessed. Not only was it
swimming...but it seemed like it may have been it was
secreting some sort of pink/reddish fluid from its tail. Is this what
tube and worm rigs simulate?

Mid week I fished the Stage harbor inlet in Chatham for nothing, but
my friend landed two small blues. The water temp was really warm
perhaps too warm. We watched a few ghost ships drift through the dark.

My wife and I hit Nantucket on Friday....we had never been before. We
rented a couple of bikes and cruised the island in the rain. I brought
some light surf gear and had a couple of opportunities to wet a line.

As we rode up a quite ocean side street in Siansconset, I noticed some
fish breaking. So I broke out the gear and started chucking some
poppers, but by the time I got to the water the fish had moved on.

The weather opened up in the afternoon and I fished Brant point. A
couple of guys were catching porgies. I got some casting
practice....we cruised a bit and got back on the ferry at sunset.

As a last hail mary, I wanted to try the Stage Harbor inlet again, but
again it wasn't meant to be. The water seemed even warmer than the
previous night and the channel was choked with eel grass.

Nevertheless,it was a great week.


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Fishalicious wrote:
Thanks for sharing. That was a great set of pics and narrative. Finding that plug again is just incredible! I hope to fish Nantucket towards the end of August. Any tips?

It was my first time on Nantucket and I didn't catch anything. If I
were to attempt to fish the island I would probably try to be there
during favorable tides and I would probably attempt to stay for a couple of days.

the book:
Striper Hot Spots
has some helpful info on locations and tides.

good luck!
I wish I was going with you.

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Awesome post Puppet. The only problem I had with it was one of your Bluefish pics. One thing to ALWAYS remember, DON"T STEP ON THE FISH!!!
Blues have a handle over their back behind the gills and just grab Stripers with your thumb in their mouth holding the bottom jaw. Stepping on a fish can damage the internal organs without you even knowing it. They may swim away but suffer the consequences later.

Otherwise it was a great post and you are now one of the pre-eminant bluefish fisherman on this site. Lets see some more bass pics.

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frankiesurf wrote:
One thing to ALWAYS remember, DON"T STEP ON THE FISH!!!
Blues have a handle over their back behind the gills and just grab Stripers with your thumb in their mouth holding the bottom jaw. Stepping on a fish can damage the internal organs without you even knowing it.

It does look like I am stepping on the blue...but it is more of a pin
down. It was still pretty green when I got it on the sand and I was
worried that it might impale me with my own hooks.

I do hear you and appreciate your concern. Slowly I am getting better
at handling and releasing these fish. Always feel free to send me a
heads up or I too am trying to be conscious about how I
impact the environment.

Regarding the Bass...
I'm looking for them. Most of my late night efforts have gone unanswered.

toyotaoffroad91 wrote:
that sand is crazy...looks like shards of glass, how does it feel on the footsies??

Yeah the sand was pretty cool....really grainy. Most of the outing I
wore the split toe neoprene surfer boots. Saves the feet from glass,
shells, metal...etc...

I did walk around barefoot for a couple of hours. The beach really
scrubbed the cheese off the old dogs.
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