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Canyon Runner Northstar/Boating Magazine Report & Schedule

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Capt. Phil Dulanie took a couple of the Northstar engineers plus the editor of Boating Magazine out on the 48? Viking today. The goal was to use state-of-the-art sounder equipment that Northstar is coming out with in the near future to take images of the German U-Boat sitting 50+ miles to the southeast of Manasquan. The trip will be well documented by the folks at Boating Magazine and we were happy to have them on board today. The technology is outstanding and I can?t wait to get it on our vessel. Really can?t say more than that at this time but keep an eye out for new sounder equipment from these guys.

Today also marked the last time the 48? will be going out the inlet for anything besides the canyon as its destination. Starting Thursday we will be running canyon trips everyday until November 1 starting with overnighters Thursday/Friday, Saturday/Sunday, Monday/Tuesday and then a few day trolls in a row before finishing up June with a couple more overnighters. As such, we hope to get a bunch of reports on line with hopefully a bunch of good info for you folks to work off of.

That being said with the bass fishing so strong right now we?ve decided to start using our 32? Regulator for bass trips at a significant reduced cost of our regular bass trip so please email if you are interested.
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