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Canyon Runner June Canyon Fishing Summary ? 191 Yellowfin in 10 Trips -Hopefully the nice fishing holds up!!!

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We were busy fishing Monday thru Thursday last week plus getting the new Ritchie Howell tuned in so I?ve neglected the reports but here they all are ? the good and the bad ? luckily there weren?t really any bad ones.

48' Canyon Runner ? June 23-24 21 Yellowfin (20 between 40 and 80 pounds)

Capts. Phil Dulanie and DeCabia got back to the dock with the 48' Canyon Runner on Monday/Tuesday and were once again loaded with yellowfin. The Alan Hartman charter took off from Pt. Pleasant Monday morning and got on the troll in the Spencer around 2pm. By 6pm they had not had a touch. Capt. DeBlasio on the 60' Ritchie was on the phone with a boat in the Wilmington who had a handful of nicer yellowfin so they both picked up and ran 12 miles down the bank to the Wilmington. As soon as they got there Phil had 3 shots of nicer fish and put 8 in the boat before dark. The action was on all on Canyon Runner rainbow squid bars and tuna clones. The night saw a 700# tiger fought to the boat and released.
In the morning they quickly got back into fish and pulled another 7 nice ones out of there and released 5 more 30-40 pounders and 1 short. In total they had 21 yellowfin with 20 from 40-85 pounds and 12 of them all right around 70-80.

48? Canyon Runner ? June 25 (16 Yellowfin with all of them 35-70 pounds)

Capt. Mark DeBlasio and Peter Doran took out the Jim Kelly charter on the 48 Canyon Runner on Wednesday for a day troll and we decided to leave the Wilmington Canyon aside for now as 105 mile runs are not in the cards if we think we can catch closer - and boy were we right. They started trolling 5 miles inside the tip of the Toms Canyon to begin our search in new territory and then they worked down the edge to the south Toms reaching it by 9am where they had their first couple shots at fish putting 6 in the boat. They worked that area for awhile with the 60' Ritchie and did not get another bite so they moved back north and got a few more bites on the east side ending up with 14 in the boat. At 2pm they headed towards home and picked two more fish at the tip finishing up the trip with 16 yellowfin and all over 35 pounds. These fish are unbelievably big fish. It looked like a late fall chunking trip when we lined them up on the dock. 14 of the 16 tuna were 45-70 pounds and the small ones were 35 pounds and were released. The Canyon Runner spreader bars ruled the day today as Capt. Mark ran 5 of them and almost all the bites were on the bars. Our Canyon Runner squid spreader bars and mini-green machines bars performed the best.

60? Ritchie Howell Canyon Runner ? June 25 (6 Yellowfin 30-50 pounds)

Capt. Phil Dulanie and Capt. Mark DeCabia got their first shot on the new 60 Ritchie Howell Canyon Runner with the Pat Cuozzo and Jay Garvey charter on Wednesday. With a one day troll scheduled we decided to keep her a little closer to the inlet today and ran up to the Toms Canyon based on what we have been seeing going on with that eddy just offshore. Capt. Phil was going to work offshore the edge and Capt. Mark on the 48 Canyon Runner was going to work the bank. The bank held the fish and by the time they got back in on it the first bite of the day was over. They got their first yellowfin at noon and it was not until 3:15 when they decided to give it 5 more minutes that their luck changed. At 3:18 they got covered up and bailed out with 5 more yellowfin and 6 total for the day - all the yellowfin were nice 30-50 pound fish. Canyon Runner Squid Bars, Sevenstrand Tuna Clones and ballyhoo caught the fish.

60' Ritchie Howell Canyon Runner - June 26 (10 Yellowfin ? 50-60 pounds)

Capt. Phil Dulanie and Capt. Mark DeCabia took out the Carl Bloomfield charter on Thursday June 26 and ran right back to the Toms Canyon area. They set up on the troll at the tip and worked the east wall all day picking a few fish but not getting into any good bite. They were sitting on 3 fish right up until 2pm when they were covered up with 8 nice 40-70 pound yellowfin screaming drag. They ended up putting 7 in the boat to end the day with another double digit catch of big yellowfin. The caught most of the fish today on ballyhoo with moldcraft little hookers and ilander lures. Capt. Phil tried trolling a little faster today and that is when the 7 bagger came in ? at an almost 8 knot troll.

48? Canyon Runner ? June 26 (4 Yellowfin)

Capt. Mark DeBlasio was running the 48' Viking again on Thursday and took the 2nd half of the Carl Bloomfield charter out to the Toms Canyon. They worked hard all day trolling both walls, the tip the deep down to South Toms and back into the Toms Canyon proper with only 1 fish to show. Capt. Mark decided to stay late for this one day troll trip and at 4pm ended up with a few more bites putting 3 more yellowfin in the boat. The charter was thrilled with the extra effort and the 4 nice yellowfin and they headed home ahead of the bad weather forecast.

Unfortunately we then sat at the dock canceling charter after charter from Friday thru Monday due to terrible forecasts that ended up being wrong. The one forecast that we should have listened to that was right was Capt. Len Belcaro?s at It was dead on correct the entire weekend. Looks like with will start again on Tuesday or Wednesday and fish right thru the weekend with some luck.

We will be getting a bunch of pictures up on line at and I will post here as well once they are up.
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