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Canyon Runner 32' Regulator Report - 6/12 - 3 Bluedogs

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Capt. Mark DeBlasio has the 32' Regulator up at Star Island Marina in Montauk fishing the Star Island Shark Tournament today. Yesterday, Thursday, he pre-fished the tournament on the Regulator looking for the right water that did not have any dogfish in it. Dogfish have been a huge issue for the folks sharking up that way so far this year as the water is still on the cold side.

Fishing with Mark Garretson and Peter Doran they ran all of the ocean covering 150+ miles while sharking for about 45 minutes in each spot. They finally found some good water that held 3 blue sharks all caught within minutes of fishing there and no dogfish.

They will be looking for that water today and hopefully find something big in it.

DeBlasio could not stop talking about the quality of the ride last night. In his words it was "f****** awesome" compared to most big boats we run and he was shocked at how well it cut through a chop. Granted it was not rough yesterday but it is funny how everyone of our experiences is the same when we finally run her offshore - we just can't believe how nice she rides. He cruised around yesterday on average around 38-40 knots and was loving it.

We are all interested to see how she runs when it is rough but not really that anxious to find out.
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