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Can you talk trash?

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I've seen some colorful characters here. well can you trash talk? Let's hear some good hearted trash talk between LI and BK while waiting for T3.
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How much more do I have to post to satisfy you????

Some guys are really lightweights in the trash talk area, and get offended easily. Gotta watch what you say. hopefully people know how to take some ribbing, and maybe even give it back (as weak as it may be)
Actually I do have something to say (big surprise there)

We should have a sellout team, and/or a bandwagon team. How many guys are going to say, "I'm from Brooklyn, but I'm going to be on the LI team". I think there are a lot of guys who need the crutches supplied buy Lep & Baywatch so there fishing inadequacies stay hidden.

If you're from Brooklyn, you shouldn't be allowed to play for teh LI team. If you're from Brooklyn, and said you want to play on the LI team, we don't want you. You should be placed on the Free Agents (aka Sellouts aka Bandwagoners)

We may lead the league in crime (not according to Guiliani), but you guys lead the league in being from Long Island. Not that there is anything wrong with Long Island, but it's just Long Island - it's as bad as being from Jersey. Sorta like almost winning the World Series - you're close, but not close enough.
Thanks for the insight Walt. My mouth was shut, it's just you're so small it fit in there with my mouth shut.

If the Long Island team should go down,I will be honored to go down with such a great bunch of respectable fisherman.I met them at the bash and they are great guys

Guys, he's saying that there are no respectable fishermen in BK. Because there was no MTA to the Bash and none of us could get out there, we are not great guys.

Just because you went to the Bash, doesn't mean the LI guys want a defector.

Fliesthatcatch - if it wasn't for the Brooklyn guys filling up those boats, there wouldn't be any boats on the North Fork. I'm wondering, you cast flies from the NF boats? Yuppies.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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