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Queens tackle shops appear to be on the cutting edge of fluke jigging. With seasons coming to an end soon, I am interested in what new lures, reels, techniques, etc are coming into vogue for next year.

1) Shimano Calcutta DC baitcaster - On a recent RI fluke trip with about 30 fares, 7 of these reels were counted. It appears that you can just fling a light bucktail setup as hard as you can withoutgetting a backlash. Worth the $500?

2) Mylar flies - Sort of the steroid version of the 3 for $3 rivet teasers that have been so popular for years. I believe that they were designed for kingfishing (in the mack family). They have a little weight and the mylar is flared, giving a little more action. Popular on a high low rig in lieu of bucktails

3) Mustad black nickel hooks - I don't know the number, but they are about 5/0, have a long shank, and medium weight wire. The bend is like an Aberdeen, but the hook is stronger. Seen on jigs and bare hooks. The difference between this and a Kahle style or Octopus style hook? You can thread 3 or 4 spearing on the hook without tearing them up. The spearing hang straight, without bunching up.

4) Smiling Bill bucktails - FinStrike jigs, a little cheaper than Spros, with better hooks, and more action. 1/4-3/4 oz. Any color as long as it is white. Or maybe chartreuse. Rigged high low.

5) Long head bucktails - Don't know who makes them. Like a flatter bullet style. Good paint. Prisimatic sides and eyes. They have the black nickel hooks mentioned above. High quality and a little pricey. They have mylar tails, not bucktail. Rigged high low or over a heavy Spro.

6) Lucanus

7) ??????
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