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I have used a lot of waders. Most of them don't last more than 2 months. I have to admit I put them to extreme conditions--fishing almost 7 days a week--climbing down from rocks at Montauk--and super long walks. In my opoinon red ball masters quality has went way down-I dont bother buying them anymore as they tend to last me about 1.5 months.The fly lights as far as I'm concerned are for sweet water fans and I have found none- and I have had many-- that will hold up more than a month. They are great to walk in in the heat but wear very fast. The best wader I have ever used for durability is the Cabelas uninsulated,felt sole waders for $49.95--ITEM #hb-83-0086. This time of year wear extra socks and long johns and you will be fine. The disadvantage of these waders are that you sweat a lot in them and they do not breath at all. My last pair lasted for 3 years-a world record!!

Bill Wetzel NYS Licensed Guide
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