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Hey guys, and ladies, i used to have a great place up state called woodstock, but it closed and will become houses on a lake.
There was no one there to bother you, camped right on the lake, bring your own boat or rent one, electric motors were allowed, the fishing was GREAT, and the people were alwase nice too. there was a bathhouse a walk away with showers and a pot for teh ladies.

But as i said its closed now, so i need a new place anyone got one? this was a young place mosly guys in there 30s, it realy needs to have some good fishing.
Thanks in advance!
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Plenty of sparsely populated places north of me...

Might be a bit of a drive for you... but there are plenty of remote, sparsely populated locales north and west of me here in Maine. I dont have to drive more than 1 1/2 - 2 hours north or north/west to watch the population drop off dramatically... other then a few other people camping at the Mattawamkeag wilderness campground, there are relatively few others to be found on the backtrails and ponds in that region. and it gets thinner as you go north!!!
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