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Calstar seekers

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I am looking at some of the Calstar Seekers, for boat fishing with bait for Blues/Stripers 30 to 40 lb test. any suggestions, I was looking at their fairly new ast coast Series?
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Calstar and Seeker are two different West Coast companies.

Both got their start after Sabre went out of business. The Sabre name was eventually sold to Penn and Pacific Bay, but those rods are totally different.

Seekers is known for having rods with a slightly softer tip. They changed ownership a couple years ago, and became more innovative with their products, going past cloning old Sabre actions. I really like their Inshore series.

Calstar is owned by Leon Todd, who was the rod designer at Sabre. Their Graphiter composite series is their hottest product. Known for an indestructible, fast action rod. Their factory rods are of acceptable quality, but the custom guys absolutely love their blanks. They are also known for not selling seconds or blems. Anything that is not first quality is destroyed.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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