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Calstar seekers

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I am looking at some of the Calstar Seekers, for boat fishing with bait for Blues/Stripers 30 to 40 lb test. any suggestions, I was looking at their fairly new ast coast Series?
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Meandtheboys, as many have correctly stated, is that both CALSTAR AND SEEKER are two separate West Coast rodbuilding companies, that were the offshoots from the defunct, original California Tackle Company, of Carson California, aka SABRE. Here is a link to a famous California rod builders site which explains how it all started from Sabre, which later led to Leon Todd forming Calstar:

The general excepted rule to differentiate between the Calstar and Seeker blanks, is that Calstars should be judged towards the higher end of their line rating, while Seekers noticeably should be judged towards to the lower end of their rating. Thus when you see a rod such as the common Calstar West Coast series 660 as being rated 20 (30) 50, it tends to be noticeable stiffer, with a faster action then the comparable Seeker 660 with the same rating. One thing that we see with Seeker though, is that they will offer the same blank in either the original Sabre designed action, and also offer the blank with a 'F' series action for those wanting a rod with a faster taper.

I cannot say enough about both companies rods. Calstars grafighters are consider the King of the Hill when it comes to talking about off the rack rods, and i have a number of them. But i also has a number of Seekers which i enjoy using due to their forgiving action. You must pull on both companies rods to see and understand how they load up! Each company, makes rods for all line ratings, with a number of different actions. And remember each company basically follows the original Sabre number labeling model, so if you find a blank from one company, see the comparable blank from the other.

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to these two companies but for the best 30lb class rod, the 670 series shines above the rest. While for the standard 50lb class 7 foot jigging rod, a calstar 700H. For a nice 20#-25# rod the 270 series seems the best. But again, these are just examples, you have to go into a tackle shop and pull on them to see which action you prefer.

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Gamakatsu...i would recommend that rod for 40lb mono. Thats another model from Calstar which is very popular.

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