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Click on the YouTube video link above for a message from CCE?s Executive Director, Adrienne Esposito. The video is a call-to-action emphasizing the urgent need for phone calls to Governor Paterson from members of the public and especially users of the Sound TODAY!

LIS Broadwater Myths and Facts:

MYTH: Broadwater will not damage lobster populations. FACT: Broadwater will damage lobster populations. According to the Draft Environmental Impact Study conducted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Broadwater will permanently damage 14,000 square of lobster grounds, causing the company to financial compensate lobsterman for this loss. The anchor, or mooring system, would degrade prime lobster grounds as well as a section of the Sound designated by the federal government as important ?Essential Fish Habitat?.

MYTH: There will be a minimal impact to other commercial and recreational boaters on Long Island Sound. FACT: Broadwater will cause significant problems and disruptions in the waters of the Sound. ?The Race?, named for its strong currents and navigational challenges, is the main passageway into the Sound. There would be 2-3 LNG tankers that enter The Race each week. The Coast Guard identified ?The Race? as having a heavy concentration of recreational fisherman throughout the boating season. The DEIS states that it would take up to 35 minutes to clear the Race for the tankers to enter into the Sound.

MYTH: The U.S. Coast Guard can provide the needed protection for Broadwater. FACT: The U.S. Coast Guard Safety and Security Report highlighted that the Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound currently does not have the resources required to implement the measures that have been identified as being necessary to effectively manage the risks. Additional needs include marine vessels, staff and financial resources. Also, the U.S. Coast Guard Safety and Security Report stated, ?existing marine firefighting capability in Long Island Sound is inadequate.?

MYTH: Broadwater will not harm the environment. FACT: Broadwater will negatively impact the waters of the LI Sound in several ways including thermal impacts caused by water discharged from the LNG carriers, which would be an average of 3.6 degrees warmer than ambient conditions. Researchers have estimated that a 2-3 degree change in temperature in the LIS can dramatically change the Sound?s ecosystem. Warmer waters reduce the population of cold-water species such as winter flounder and lobster, reduces important native plant species, and encourages the growth of invasive, harmful species. Warmer waters also allow for the devastating impact of hypoxia, or low dissolved oxygen, to impact the Sound. This critical condition kills finfish and shellfish as well as valuable sea grass.


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