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ahhh... a question that can't be answered? tough considering it is the entire island that the question is posted to. I fish out of Massapequa and will give what i look for when targeting bass, weaks and fluke.
Wind: Can always be avoided by working different sides of the bay. Southeast/east is tough, i avoid it if it's over 15 knots.
Tide: From July to the fall run, tops of the tide rules. No bones about it. Earlier in the year i'll fish the bottom for the warmer temps. But weed can be a problem. Debate it if you but top of the tide is King.
Morning/Evening: for weaks and bass are the best, generally. Fluke as long as there's light. Wind with the tide is best.
Moon: Avoid the full/new for fluke and weaks. The few days on either side for bass are best
High presure/low pressure: Who follows this? Not bad for fluke but spring/summer, bass/weaks avoid the high. In the fall look for it with a NW wind.
It is a borderline impossible question but for the beginners out there pick a few things out of each post and make your own opinion. However if you're in Massapequa...Early morning outgoing with a light wind rules.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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