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Calcutta 400

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I am looking into a calcutta 400 for bassin in the bays. I was wondering if that reel would be to light for eeling around the inlet and jigging with 20 lb. mono or braid. Do you guys like the levelwind. I would rather be without it. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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My favorite reel....

Finally a reel I can relate to.It is an excellent reel for using bellies in the back bays however when it comes to chucking at the inlet or drifting some eels I personally think it might be a hair too light.Thats when I use the TLD'S by Shimano. A Tld 5,10 or 15 would be great for this time of fishing because of the greater chance of a 40+lb fish.I wouldn't want to try it out on my 400,not saying it couldn't handle it but like Tog said in another thread it can lack in stopping power on a big fish.
Great reel though! paulie
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