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Hello all-
I finally got my cadet shipping billet last week and I'm going with Arctic Storm Management; an at sea processing company. I will be on the 340' Arctic Storm catcher/processor as a cadet engineer. The vessel departs from Seattle and steams north to Dutch Harbor and from there to the bearing sea to fish/process Pollock, cod and whiting. I'm excited for this opportunity, anybody have any experience with processing companies (i.e American seafoods, premier pacific etc.)? If so how was your experience? I will hopefully keep you updated with pics and what not on this 3 month endeavor.



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how did I miss this thread????

What an opportunity for you!

Good luck!
I'd kill for a shot at doing that.
What an adventure your in for.
Bring lots of pens and paper so you can document the whole thing for those of us stuck in our regular jobs.
I'm sooooooooo jealous.
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