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Sorry for late report. Was down in Cabo 1/5-1/12. Was able to get away for two charters. Stayed at Hacienda del Mar in the timeshare part, it is part of the Cabo del Sol development on the corridor.
First charter was with El Budster having used them before. Unfortunately it was extremely rough and cold out there. Had my pops and brother in law along with me (non-fisherman) and they were not enjoying themselves. I had planned on telling the capt. I'd like to target more meat fish rather than marlin but after telling me the marlin bite was red hot the day prior I said okay, lets go looking for marlin on the Pacific side and maybe we'll get some dorado while trolling. Well what he didn't tell me until we were out there was that it was just as rough the prior day as well. It was blowing 15-20knots with 4-6's tightly packed. The Bertram handles it very well I gotta say. We hooked into two small dorados that we threw back (the size we keep up here in the NE) and then got on a marlin on a pitched caballito that we spotted under a working bird. I let my bro in law take that one and he couldn't believe the strength of this fish. It was a striped marlin at about 120#. We called it an early day after not catching anything else for an hour or so and my dad was getting sick. The second charter I booked with Baja Anglers who specialize in light tackle and fly fishing. They have a 26ft Glacier Bay catamaran with twin Hondas 150's. I told my dad/bro in law to stay behind b/c I'm going fishing!! We started out on the troll about 1.5-2miles off the lighthouse on the Pacific side with nothing doing so we headed inshore. This was my first ever chance at fly fishing and I fell in love with it. Got the hang of it real quick and started catching roosters and sierra mackerals for a couple of hours. Capt. positioned the boat right in front of the breaking waves and then he took a hookless topwater plugs and casted into the beach to tease the fish in. I would then throw the fly right behind the plug and hook up. Had some problems at first getting used to the "strip set", I kept yanking the rod up. We then headed offshore again and found some birds working something. I threw out a live mackeral on a lightweight spinning outfit and immediately got slammed by what turned out to be a 20lb Jack Crevalle. First time catching this guy and he gave me some fight on the setup I was using. Back on the troll the bite wasn't happening so we moved over to a mount off of the lighthouse that by what the charts said went from about 1000ft up to 300ft. We put out live baits at different depths and eventually hooked up off of the bottom on a striped marlin. Great fight on a TLD20. I would highly recommend Baja Anglers for a mixed bag day. They are more expensive than the other charters out there but I had a blast. Whales all over the place, we actually had to swerve pretty hard at one point to avoid running over one. Here are some pics of the catches that day.


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