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Cabin Leaks

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Been noticing alot of leakage lately in my cuddy. I have a Sea Sprite 2350 Walk Around. I suspect it is coming from around the 2 sliding side windows on the cabin and probably the platform area were the original owner installed the VHF and depth finder. For those 2 spots I plan on just pulling them out and resealing the areas.

I have never done anything like this before. Is there a certain type sealer I should use? Also, how big of a job would it be to reseal the windows. I see myself having to pull them out and do whatever, not even sure I should attempt it but I hate trowing money away for things I think I can do myself.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks,
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Something I'd like to add - I read an article once by a surveyor on common boat problems. One of these problems was cabins supported by windows; the end result is the windows leaking, loosening up, or actually cracking from stress. It's also bad for the cabin as it's roof is not supported correctly.

With my boat, which is a '73 and well past it's prime, I had a crack in one window for some time.. first trip we made offshore, the windows bothe simultaneosly "exploded" into the cabin, and some other dry-rotted wood broke apart soon after.. It looked like a bomb went off.. funny story.. anyway, the fix was replacing the wood, using lexan windows, and then adding a wooden column from the floor to the roof to eliminate any chance of it happening again.

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