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You find yourself in your backyard casting to the squirrels.
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No but yesterday My friend & myself trolled from the back of my pickup truck using tennis balls We got 2 Pit Bulls and minature poodle.
Try tying a peanut or other similar food item onto your line & cast it out into the backyard & wait. They'll come for it. Don't even need a teaser. Pound for pound - one of the best fighting rodents you'll find.

Sorta the bluefish of backyard rodents.

God - spring better get here soon.....

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Flounder in about 3 weeks, I'll be in the water by then freezing my acorns off.
Yea I'm getting sick of watching ESPN fishing shows. I feel like a drug addict I need my fix of fishing.
Try the squirrel thing - you think I was kidding?
You know it's cabin fever,when you drive 55 miles, just to see your boat tarped and still on the storage rack.

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You know it's getting bad when you actually get excited by the herring reports, and think about going to Magnolia to catch smelly baitfish.
At least squirrels don't smell so bad, and leave scales all over the place.

Good Luck and Tight Lines
Wader you didn't mention what outfit you are using? Are you going barbless or are you using circle hooks? Smooth or crunchy style?
Only kidding!
Sure was glad to see these posts, I thought I was the only sick one out here !
I may try that squirrel thing but I'm a purist, anyone out there have a good acorn fly ?

5 more weeks !

bobw- ya know - I was going to go with the St. Croix with the Fireline on it & thought - what the **** - if I'm gonna do this let's at least make it interesting.

Went & got my ultra light gear with the 4# test. Man those suckers can put up a fight on the light stuff.

Ultra-light & squirrels - only way to go.
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