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CA - question about pier fishing

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Hi Al, I was hoping you can clarify how to properly fish a pier for stripers.

I live two blocks away from the 72nd st pier in nyc and that?s the one I want to ask you about. I know you told me you haven?t fished it, but I hope my question will be general enough for you to help me with. Besides, the pier just goes straight out into the Hudson. So here we go?

I?ve been reading that stripers are tide stemmers and like current, bait and structure. They wait stemming the tide around these areas for food to get caught up in the harder running current, then swims into the current, feed, then come back to stem the tide waiting for their next meal. Further, I have read that the presentation should be as natural as possible. That the bait should be floating into the striper?s area with the current as if it?s bait in trouble.

During either tide, I?d like to cast up-current so that the bait/lure will drift back into the pier support beams and past it where the rips are. I?m hoping the bass will be behind the pier support beams. But I don?t think I could prevent a fish from wrapping itself around the pier if I get a strike.

First, is my thinking correct about fish location? If so, how do I overcome the potential tangling under the pier? Should I just fish the down current side of the pier?
Second, if my assumption of fish location is wrong, then forget the whole post. LOL

Man, there?s so much to learn
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Thanks for the post. Live bait for me is a bit to pull off. one, I don't have a live bait shop near me...closest is 125 st. When I have the urge to fish late at night, many times, they're closed anyway. Even if I do, that mean carrying more stuff for live bait needs to the pier.

If I had a bigger place, a car, lived out of the city...
CA: I DON'T know! LOL

It's just that I live so close to it (3 blks) and wanted to optimize my fishing when I'm out there this yr. Although I go to other spots around the tri-state area, it's a spot I can wet a line in less than 10 mins. Thanks for the reply, it did help! :)
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