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C.J. Victoria Fishing Charters and Custom Rod Building "Special Trip"

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Hi everyone. We just became a premium sponsor. So with that, I am setting up a shared trip for all on this board. This is a deal that you should not miss. We are a six passenger charter boat fishing out of Boston and Winthrop Ma. The first six people to email me or call me for an offshore Cod and Haddock trip on April 25, 2008 are on the trip!
The trip will depart at 7:00 am and return at approximately 5:00 pm. Ten plus hours of fishing for only $150.00 pp. That is $50.00 pp. below normal pricing. Everything included except the tip for the mate.
Come onboard and try my custom cod fishing rods. Rods are Spiral Wrapped with two speed Penn reels. Great gear. Check out our site for more information.
Capt. Rob Savino


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He asks that in almost every partyboat thread :rolleyes:. Just a poor lonely soul looking to stir up some trouble.

I thought he was serious at first also, but have since discovered otherwise

Sice you ask, though, whiting USED to be a big target here in NY, along with NJ. Take a look at some of the threads in EC NEWELL MAN's forum, he explains it better than anyone.
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Actually, IIRC, the Helen H a few years ago had a few whiting trips scheduled, I seem to remember seeing them in his calander that gets mailed out. Not sure how he did, though. A few guys I've spoken with when fishing up your way have also said that there is plenty of whiting up there , but not too much interest in targeting them, other than for tuna bait.
robsavino wrote:
Whiting is great eating when smoked on the smoker.
Capt. Rob

Definately a delicious fish! Unfortunately, we in NY have to buy ours these days from the fish market. It would be really nice to be able to go harvest your own again!
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