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Buying a re-built outboard

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A friens of mine is looking around for a used outboard and was told by one dealer that he would sell him a totally rebuilt motor but only warranty it for 30 days. In my mind, if a place does a good job rebuilding the engine, wouldn't they warranty it for a season? Is this an unreasinable expectation on a rebuilt motor?
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rebuilt outboards

How good a rebuilt engine is depends on exactly how well the rebuild was done.. if 1 cylinder goes bad and all that is done is honing & replacement of 1 piston/rings - that's just a repair in my opinion and is not worth extra $$, although many like to call this a rebuild. On the other hand, if all the rings & bearings are replaced, and everything is spec'd within tolerences -that's **** close to a new engine, lifespan wise.

30 days isn't much, but it's enough to determine if what you bought is in good running condition. 2 weeks is enough for that. The problem I have with buying used from dealers is they tend to be way overpriced, engines that are $1500 in private sale end up $3000 at a dealer. Many times the used outboard dealers get these engines for next to nothing (somebody's junk), fix some wiring, and then let them go for $2000. I guess it comes down to exactly how well you trust the dealer.

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