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Buying a re-built outboard

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A friens of mine is looking around for a used outboard and was told by one dealer that he would sell him a totally rebuilt motor but only warranty it for 30 days. In my mind, if a place does a good job rebuilding the engine, wouldn't they warranty it for a season? Is this an unreasinable expectation on a rebuilt motor?
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When I had my marina business I rebuilt alot of engines from diesels to outboards.The main thing is not to cut corners.For instance we alway's bored all the cylinders unless the engine had extremely low hours.We always went through the fuel system;rebuilt carbs and pumps,changed filters etc.Also we always inspected the water pump and changed the whole pump or impeller depending on when it was last done.Also we made sure all the warning alarms were working and changed V.R.O.pumps or inspected oil injection pumps.We warrantied the motor for 60-90 days depending on the use.Basicly we changed every part we thought was suspect.Also on some motors that were bored we rejetted the carb's so they would'nt run to lean. Also don't pay more for a rebuilt than the retail book value of the motor.You will never get your money back!
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