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Buying a boat

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Ok, my wife finally gave me permission to buy my first boat. Well I / we came up with a 21' - 25' walkaround. I know there are many different makes with all the bells and whistles, but here is my question...

Has anyone ever put together there own package? Have you ordered the boat from one dealer, either in New York or another state, and bought the engines from somewhere else? Once I decide on the make and model, is it worht it to check out other states and go and get the boat and trailer it back here?

With the money I plan on spending, any money I can save would be worth it.

Thanks for any and all help. With any luck I might see the water by the end of October. And if not, look out 2003 !!!

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Congrats on getting that by your better half :). If that was your second boat, she'd probably think twice; I've got a girlfriend who'd sink mine if she got the chance - fishing/the boat are what I call "non-negotiable issues", not up for discussion - ever ;).

Anyway, so, a new walkaround.. It's really personal preference as far as what boat/brand. Depends on what it's for and where it's going to be used etc.. My brother and recently have been discussing which boat we'll be into next.. this could take years to afford, but it's sorta a debate about the security/seaworthness of a closed bow (I love the Parkers) and all the other CC's and walkarounds, which are probably a little more fishable, with a little less security.

Anyway, decide what boat you want for sure first. Next, decide what options you want and determine what out of those is not easily added. Things like pole holders, electronics, railings and little bolt on options etc.. are all easily added later. Things like large flow-through livewells, 100 gallon below deck fuel tanks, toilets, self bailing ****pits, swim platforms, a tuna door, a cabin, space for a kicker, below deck storage and the seating setup you'd like etc.. are not so easily retro-fitted.

Also, determine whether you actually have a preference in engine and setup; I'm assuming you are talking outboards. It's definitly going to be less hassle to just buy something that's allready been fitted; and may even save you a buck or two. A factory install might also be a little cleaner. On the other side, if I was buying new, it'd probably be OMC (Johnson/Evinrude/Bombardier) or Honda and I'm a big fan of jack plates. So, of the shop that had the boat I wanted only dealt in Mercury or had outragous prices, I'd go elsewhere for an engine. Mabye you would prefer twins to a single or vice versa..? A bit to think about.

Also, $$ is allways an issue.. and the boat's never big enough after long :). I prefer getting into the project myself.. and probably would be more inclined to buy a sound used boat and re-power/re-furbish new.. not sure if I could handle the stress of fishing (never mind docking) in a spotless rig. If you go the route of seperate purchases, there are almost allways deals on leftover outboards w/ warranties kicking around if ya look hard enough; still 2001 OMC's up my end at great prices, bought a smaller one (25 HP) for 35% below retail - in the crate w/ warranty. Good luck,

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