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Buying a boat

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Ok, my wife finally gave me permission to buy my first boat. Well I / we came up with a 21' - 25' walkaround. I know there are many different makes with all the bells and whistles, but here is my question...

Has anyone ever put together there own package? Have you ordered the boat from one dealer, either in New York or another state, and bought the engines from somewhere else? Once I decide on the make and model, is it worht it to check out other states and go and get the boat and trailer it back here?

With the money I plan on spending, any money I can save would be worth it.

Thanks for any and all help. With any luck I might see the water by the end of October. And if not, look out 2003 !!!

"Remember the Heroes"

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Hi Guy... I hope this helps. Look at the top of this page for the search button. After you get to search type in Boat Recommondations. It will bring you to the General Fishing Forun Where this question has been asked often.
Look at those post and there are a lot of good ideas and plots for you to follow.
I used to sell boats part time at the boat shows and have a good idea what you are going threw.
Any other questions just ask, glad to help.

Price VS Quality

1- detrermine what you are going to do with the boat, fish, cruise etc.
2-what kind of water are you going to be doing most of your boating in.
3-decied if you want a Deep V or Modified v hull, for the sound I would use a deep V with at least a 19-20 degree deadrise. It cuts the water better.
4- price, new, used. If used got to the NADA Guides page and see what the boat is worht compared to the asking price.

If you are looking for a new boat go to the Tobay in water Boat show which is coming up.

Hope this helped.

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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