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butterfish or horns or dump

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hey, next week we were thinking of going offshore for some pelagics, tuna,marlin, mahi. where do you think woudl be the best sport to go next week, we were hoping maybe these storms would push some yellows into the dump but i dont know. would it worth trolling a couple of ballyhoo to in case of a marlin, since there have been reports of them at the fairway and mudhole?
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We fished SE of the Mudhole (East) last weekend and only had two blue sharks to show for it. Moved into the hole and instantly loaded up on doggies. Saw a heavy weedline littered with whiting near by and went up on the troll for about an hour with nothing but a big bluefish to show for it. Marked lots of life, most of which looked like doggies, and some other large marks which we didn't find out what they were. No tuna, no mahi, no marlin. . .
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