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That sounds like a snatch-hook rig the old timers used to catch lake trout with...they'd solder a hinged lid into a number 10 can, melt some lead in the bottom for weight, attach a rope to a ring in the lid, fill the thing with raw oats (oatmeal type)and drop the thing into the lake...when it hit bottom they'd jerk the lid open and let the oats spread out in the water...they'd do the same thing in the same spot at daybreak for about a week and pretty soon the fish would show regularly for the free-lunch.

Then one day, along with the can of oats, they'd drop a snatch-hook rig down there as well...this was a lead weight on a line with a pair of hooks soldered to flexible, flat wires that stuck out perpendicular to the weight...when they jerked the line the hook wires flexed downward and the hooks would rip into the fish and they'd haul 'em in...brutal but effective...those old timers were meat fishermen & they'd pickle the trout for the winter. The butterfish rig sounds real least in principle.

Jerry Vovcsko
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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