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This works GREAT! and the price is right.
Take a 10 ft piece of 1" dia PVC tubing and cut into 6inch leghnths. Now you have 20 pcs.

Drill 1/8inch holes around the circumfrance every 15 degrees about 2 inchs from the end. drill another hole straight thru about 1/4 inch from end.

pin a swivel thru the hole by the end.

Wipe the white PVC with the purple pvc cleaner stuff that the sell to prep it for glue.

You can also do some red and green and blue and leave some white.

Run your leader (80-150lb test thru the swivel and offshore knot it or better crimp it.

You can set these up single with a swinging hook on the end or string them 5 or 7 in a row to make it look like a school of Squid with only a hook on the end lure.

Stuff cotton balls in the lure and fill with fish oil sent and plug the end with another cotten ball.

You can troll them fast or slow or just let one drift off by itself.

I made a few dozzen daisy chain strings and used some singles for Stripers and Bluefish.

the holes make the water flow and bubble and let just enough sent dribble out.

You can add turkey feathers to the hoos and use treble hooks for even more high speed lures

Capt. Walt
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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