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building offshore lures

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Started making my own resin head lures this winter. A little time consuming, but the results are rewarding. Anyone else out there doing the same?
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What kind of resin did you use i was toying with the idea making some molds of a few plugs i use.poly is kinda brittle when its that thick.
This works GREAT! and the price is right.
Take a 10 ft piece of 1" dia PVC tubing and cut into 6inch leghnths. Now you have 20 pcs.

Drill 1/8inch holes around the circumfrance every 15 degrees about 2 inchs from the end. drill another hole straight thru about 1/4 inch from end.

pin a swivel thru the hole by the end.

Wipe the white PVC with the purple pvc cleaner stuff that the sell to prep it for glue.

You can also do some red and green and blue and leave some white.

Run your leader (80-150lb test thru the swivel and offshore knot it or better crimp it.

You can set these up single with a swinging hook on the end or string them 5 or 7 in a row to make it look like a school of Squid with only a hook on the end lure.

Stuff cotton balls in the lure and fill with fish oil sent and plug the end with another cotten ball.

You can troll them fast or slow or just let one drift off by itself.

I made a few dozzen daisy chain strings and used some singles for Stripers and Bluefish.

the holes make the water flow and bubble and let just enough sent dribble out.

You can add turkey feathers to the hoos and use treble hooks for even more high speed lures

Capt. Walt
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I used a two part casting resin that you can pick up at any hobby shop. Made the molds out of latex using plastic shot glasses as the form. Added a lead insert with eyes and brass tubing to run from the front of the head to the back. Once the resin hardened, removed them from the molds, spun them on a lathe to get a smooth surface, sanded them with an utlra fine finishing paper and used a plastic spray gloss finisher. Added a skirt and voila........invested a lot of time, but had fun, learned a bunch, and now have lures that from a material cost aspect saved me money.
I make several versions of hi speed trolling lures:
I make flat headed lures by taking clear polyvinyl tubing I buy from Aubuchons hardware.
I push small lengths of it into progressively larger sections of tubeing till I get the diameter I want. I then take a sharp razor blade & cut the outermost tubeing back a little to make a "shoulder" on which to glue a standard tuna skirt onto. I am always hunting down the right skirts to use
(oh that kinda skirt-chaser eh? hehehe)
I found some small diameter green garden hose that works great for this too.
I have also found that the necks of plastic funnels & plastic kitchen basters also make great molds for 2 part fiberglas resin heads.
The plastic just pops off without sticking when its cured. I tint the resin with varios color paints while its still wet. I put movable doll eyes on all my lures. They catch as good as commercial lures & I get a special kick out of seein a tuna hit something I made!
I will try to get some pictures of my lures together with my new digital camera. Stay tuned.
I would like to trade ideas with any other offshore lure makers too.

Maury "Raven"
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Hey guys,
there are some great ideas here, From a material standpoint what would i need (basics) to get started making some small offshore artificials? Thanks in advance
Big Bass Catcher.

Get a roll of Black rubber soaker hose and cut it into 3 ft legnths. Run a leader with swivel down the hose and snell on a hook.

Ta Da
Click on the link below for a pic of a few of the offshore lures I make. Most of them are 7 inch teasers except the one with a hook in it & all of them have caught fish!
Since I started the topic, I thought I might throw up a few pics of the results


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Very nice lures Mahi
I particularly like the "alien" clone
Pink & silver top lure, bottom pic
and the "Wide range" clone, yello & red just below it,
How are you casting those RTV silicone molds?
I have recently found a few new sources for mold making materials.
believe it or not, I'm using plastic shot glasses/plastic cups for the molds. I tried making my own latex molds for awhile, but they took too much time and I couldn't be certain that the cores were centered. The plastic cups make it easy. I can pour multiple casts at one time. When the casts are set up, I just clamp the whole thing in my lathe and turn the plastic cup off. Some of the heads that I created were actually mistakes. The alien-style lure and the cone-shaped head were the results of digging in too far with my turning tools (part of them chipped away so I kept whittling away until I had something usable).

I checked out yours as well. Very nice. Where do you get your skirts from? I've been using mostly Moldcraft Tuff-Tails (they're a little more rigid and durable), but ordered some Sevenstrands that I intend to use on the next set.
I get some of them from Boaters World of all places ! I just wish they would reorder more colors.

I am getting some more from these places:

JM Tackle

I have been re-habbing some of my older & favorite jet-heads & custom lures with more sublime (natural) colors this season.

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I've ordered from most of those places in the past. There was a web-site for a company in Mexico called Allure that had some great color combos (some of them I've seen used on JAS lures). i tried ordering from them but couldn't get through
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