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As you might have heard, Saltwaters Tackle, conveniently located at exit RM2E of the Robert Moses Causeway, Route 27A, is offering us a discount on ALL FRESH BAIT for the buggy up on Friday. His bait is delivered DAILY and to accomodate us without going overboard he would like to get an estimate of how much BUNKER you might be expecting to buy on Friday. This estimate is for BUNKER ONLY. He asked me to get him an estimate so please reply to this post with your anticipated needs.
Just think, if we all dunked a bunker at the same time that would be a nice slick to attract them.

Please reply as soon as possible.
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I am down for at least a DOZEN!! :):) Might be a bit more if someone else jumps in with me!! :)

I said it before but it bears mentioning again, NICE job getting this deal set up with Mike.

I am REALLY hoping the Buggy-Up guys show up supporting him!! And for you guys from the West, please don't forget LI Outdoorsman!!!!!

These two shops have supported this Buggy-Up so let's make it worth their while!!!

Thanks,,,,,,,,,, :):):)
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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