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when i fish for fluke i usually use a the simpliest rig possible (with bait), and it usually works well. i have heard so many excellent reports of fluke fishing with bucktails. For all you jigmasters out their, would a mind giving away some tips? Fishing with bait and jigging are totally different methods. I catch plenty of fish with bait, but ive heard bucktailing is more productive and fun, but yet is it consistent? or is it better to stay with bait? even if baitfishing might be better i would still like to learn a little about jigging. PLEASE>>> TALK.. SHARE SOME INFO.

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I will typically use two rigs for jigging fluke. One is a silver bullet tipped with a spearing and the other is a bucktail tipped with a big piece of salted squid. Use a jig that is just big enough to hold bottom. I use a 7' MH Penn Powergraph rod with a 30# PowerPro. Lately, I have been using an 1.5 to 2 ounce lime green smiling bill with squid in the ocean with pretty good results. Just lift the jig a foot or so off the bottom and slowly let it back down and repeat. If you go with mono in the deep water, you may have to use heavier lures and raise the rod higher to compensate for the stretch. The goal is to stay in contact with the jig, don't let a big loop develop in your line. You also may want to tie a bucktail teaser a foot or two up the line and tip that with squid or spearing as well. Often you will pick up big fluke, seabass, stripers and/or blues on the teaser. I enjoy jigging much more than plain bait fishing.

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The only way to fish is with bucktails-for depths to 30 feet try this-clinch knot with 1oz tail then 1 foot up surgeons loop with 1/2 oz tail-vary the weights if necessary-the lighter the better but you must maintain contact with the bottom-tip them with pennants of squid or spearing.You must jig at all times-fast little twitches--guaranteed to catch-you'll never drag heavy sinkers again

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Hi flukekid.

I love the challenge of finding and then catching fluke. I am still looking for a "doormat", over 10 lbs.

I have outfished and have been outfished!!!!!!!!!!. On any given day a sinker, hook and bait will outfish a silver bullet or bucktail and vise versa.

I wish I was so good that I could tell you which method to use on any given day. BUT I can't!!

I think the secret is to experiment. Don't stick with a rid all day if someone else is catching fish using a different rig.

I enjoy the hook up when bouncing fuzzy grubs,or jigs on the bottom. I usually have a teaser 12-15" above the botton rig. I have caught most of my bigger fluke on the hi teaser.

My biggest fluke was caught on a blue teaser. I also like a white teaser with a red head, Smilin Bill style.

Sometimes I like to use a hook and sinker. I like to feel the fluke hanging on the bait and deciding when to set the hook.

Supposedly fish don't see colors as we do. They see shades. So each color we use produces a different shade as the water gets deeper.

Clear or dirty water has an effect. Sunny or overcast also effect the fish.

Experiment, experiment experiment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still use mono. I don't like the hookup feel of synthetic line. Just a personal preference. I realize the value of synthetic line.

While reading this you might say the capt gets outfished often. Yes, I do and that is my own fault because having fun is more important than catching the most fish. I love to sleep on a rockin boat, old Navy habit, so I will enjoy that.

I see some people change their rigs every 5 minutes!!!!! Exageration, of course. I will leave a rig on too long sometimes. I have alot of faith in certain rigs and stay with them when maybe i should try something else.

Silver bullets--------I know big fluke are caught using them. For some reason I usually catch short fluke when using a bullet. Must be the action I impart to the bullet????????????

Have fun fluking.

Capt Neil

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I always bucktail, unless I'm fishing wrecks or rocks targeting a jumbo. Then I will use half a sea robin on a tandem hook rig and short strike them so they don't gut hook.

In the bay I'm using 3/8 to 1/2 ounce white Smilin' Bills or Terminator Fish Heads in Pearl.
30 pound Power Pro line (has the diameter of 6-pound mono) on a 4 1/2 foot graphite spinning rod.
The action is fast bouncing only raising the rod tip about 4 inches. It's like machine gunning the bottom. I use a 3 inch squid strip.
Billy at Comb's B&T uses Terminators or Spros, even when he fishes Montauk or the Peconics.
Kenny at Atlantic B&T uses a Spro bucktail in green/white with a spearing. Same action. He also puts a teaser or B-2 squid on a 4/0 Gamo 1 foot up.
All of use use Whiplash or Power Pro line. Mono bellies and stretches too much for this work and you can't hold bottom with 3/8 ounce and mono.
In the deep ocean rig just like bait but instead of a J-Hook, tie a 1/8 - 1/4 white bucktail on the end of the long leader. Work it just like in the bay. I bucktail fluke to 90-feet using that. And with 10-ounce sinkers when the drift requires them. Never had a gut hooked fish yet.
Put a teaser half way up the leader for double headers and they slam bucktails in deep water.
Bill Sullivan

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When there's very little drift I cast out, let it sink, then bounce it back towards me. Usually get 3 or 4 "lifts", reel down the slack while lowering the rod, and repeat. Other times I'll just bounce it along vertically if the drift isn't too bad.

Capt Neil, I'm the same way, I keep seeing "doormats" caught or reported but feel a true one is over 10lbs ;) Haven't gotten mine YET either.
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