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Break away hook on a Jig

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Has anyone out there perfected the technique of a break away hook on your Cod fishing jigs? I have played with this on our charters, but I was never happy with the results. The idea is that when a Jig hangs up on the bottom, the hook breaks off before the line and leader.
Capt. Rob
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Not a fan of break away hooks. Since I am always looking for that monster cod my rigs are overkill but I know when I hookup that fish is coming to the surface. I will sacrifice a jig or two of the peace of mind.

Personally I like 2 speeds myself. On the fast drift days when you have to do a lot of casting and retriving it makes life much easier. I also like "grandma gear" when bringing up both larger fish and bugeyes. Slow steady even retrive is the ticket to landing more fish.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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