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braided line?

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I bought a Trinidad 30 and I want to put braided line on it. I will be using it for small tuna. Probably around 50 lb test. What is the best brand of braided line to get?
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a lot of people rave about Izorline spectra..This line is very popular for tuna. I will put it on my tuna reels this year. Also Powerpro is a good line. Whiplash I heard is good from some people. But I would definitely stick the Izor. On the West coast thats the #1 choice for long range tuna boats.
The Trinidad can handle medium size tuna probably into 100lb..I'm considering getting one myself this year, and matching it up with a Calstar Graphiter or G Loomis Pelagic.. But I heard the reel is true amazing!!. Good luck

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