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Never had that problem before

Mainly because i always, always use a trace of mono between the braid and the 3-way. Uni-to-Uni the mono to the braid. Then attach the 3-way. Problems gone. Plus, you'll loose less fish as the mono adds cushin

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Sounds like a complex problem - keep your rigs simple.
Fishfinder - braid through fishfinder sleeve and connected to barrel swivel. Leader from swivel to hook. Braid and mono never connected
Threeway - Braid connected to "top" eye. Leader to hook connected to "middle" eye. Lighter test line or leader material connected to "bottom" eye to attache weight. Braid and mono never connected.

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howardrf wrote:
Thanks for the imput.
Most tangles 3way and fishfinder involve the SINKER. Some mentioned the swivel and then the three way. How do you attach the mono.

IMHO the problem is the difference in line diameters. Withthe braid being so thin it doesn't float up as much as the mono when you are free spooing on the way to the bottom. So with mono leaders and/or mono sinker drops, all tied to a three way you wind up with the braid and mono tangled. You can avoid this by lowering the rig very slowly. But I've found that the snap or snap swivel add's just enough weght to keep things striaigtened out, as long as you don't let the whole thing go flying down to the bottom.
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