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Botton Fishing for Sea Bass, Porgys, Trigga Fish SOS!!!

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Dear Fishing Friends:

Can someone help me I love to bottom fish and would like to catch sea bass porgy. My boat is near the Altantic Beach Bridge. I already know about the Altantic Beach and Rockaway Reef, but would like to fish somewhere close to home, since I am a new boatman have to build up my sealegs. Also my courage LOL.

Thank you,

Tight line and fair weather to all
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Dear Bunkerlou,

Porgy season is closed for now. As for Sea Bass, it seems you'd have to travel to deep water to get em. Your best bet is to wait for the Fall season when they're inshore so you can target em.
get some #"s for the Iberia, McAllister, Fran S. & Lizzie D.
Porgies and Cbass

Bunker L unfortunately if you stay in the bays you will catch small sized cbass and porgies fun for the kids but no dinner. If you head beyond the reefs and wrecks mentioned you need more tackhle across the board anchor,, chain sinkers etc, stay in with 4 miler or so of the beach and without pirating other numbers of other boaters move around abit find some spots and record them regards, Gary.,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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