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Boston Globe wants to stop fishing on Stellwagen

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Nonsense from the Globe

"Commercial fishermen are geniuses at staying afloat. But the same can't be said of cod, winter flounder, and other depleted ground fish stocks.

Instead of gently hinting at the need for creating no-take zones, the report's authors should explain how much of the sanctuary should serve purely as a research reserve, and where it should be located."


I have seen this one coming for a while now, knew these people would be pushing to stop fishing on Stellwagen. Hope this is a wake up call for all those who rely on the Bank. They want to stop fishing there and we all know that once they take the Bank they will go after other places like Jeffreys and elsewhere.

There are going to be hearings coming up for the public to comment on this plan, I will post all the relevant info when the time comes. People should be ready to go and speak up against this anti-fishing BS.

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I forgot to point out too that the Globe is calling for this in the Stellwagen Sanctuary, not just on the Bank itself. The Sanctuary encompasses a large chunk of Southern Jeffreys, Tillys, and some other key areas for fishing.
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