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Hello Fumibass,

No problem… I can recommend several books about the mystical Morone Saxatilis… but before I do that… I like to know the following.
Do you want general information, How to, surf, fly, powercasting, location, boat etc…

Let me know and I will recommend the appropriate books that meet your needs. ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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Well Crazy-Al I would like to read some books on where to/how to fish for striped bass.

Also if similar books exist about striped bass like the Frank Mundus (if you are familiar:penguin publishing) book, which describes his adventures at sea.

Thank you very much!

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Book??? Who needs a book?

The best information you can get will be taught live tonight at the Striped Bass Seminar.

Brought to you by Nor'east Saltwater Magazine
Tickets are still available at the door!
Doors open at 6:15 - Seminar starts at 7:00 PM SHARP!

Featured Speakers:
Billy "The Greek" Legakis - Captain Al Lorenzetti - Bill Wetzel - Steve Jagoda - Noreast Surf Editor
John Skinner - demonstrations by Roger Martin,
Rod Exhibit by Captain Neil Faulkner and more!

The Manor East
201 Jerusalem Avenue Massapequa, NY
Phone: (516) 799-0666


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