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Bonefishing in Bahamas

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I'm going bonefishing on the flats in Exuma at the end of May - have never done this - so I'm not sure what type of lures to bring/buy. The resort recommends 1/8-1/4 oz jigs. Was wondering if anyone had anymore information.
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I have never fished the Bahamas, but in the Keys, 1/4 ounce "tip up" jigs are the ones. 1/8 oz might be hard to throw the distance, but if you can throw 'em I'm sure they will take 'em.
Be sure your reels are in perfect condition, that 1st run is amazing, even from a small bone you will be checking the drags for smoke ! Have fun !

Bones can be taken on jigs or bait (shrimp and small crabs). The nature of the bonefish is such that presentation is key and they are very wary fish. Casting acuracy is key.

Good luck.

Sea Strike,

Learn to fly fish, get a guide and catch them on a fly rod. You will never go back to spinning gear again.

always gottafly
Bones are a lot of fun on fly or light spinning gear. Skinny water fishing requires a lot more finess as the fish are a lot spookier in the shallows. when you fish the muds in deeper water spinning gear works better. in either case a good quality reel with a smooth drag is in order. You can get a kit of twelve jigs in 1/4 and 1/2 oz from World Wide Sportsman in Islamorada with 6 different color combos. Its not in their catalogue this year but they will send it to you if you give them a call. These work well, I've also used 1/4 shrimp head jigs with a 2 or 3 inch twister tail. You tear off most of the tail and leave about 1/2 inch of the curl, I've had luck with chartruse. pink and brown colors. In any case if you can set up your guides before you go they can give you pointers, most of them have E-mail. good fishing.
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The jigs you want used to be called wiggle jigs.They are flat on the bottom so that when they sit on the bottom the hook is upright. You can get them from many of the catalogs.
Also, small grub tails (Mr. Twister style) on small lead jigs heads will work.

The difficulty with using weighted jigs is that tend to foul with weed or something as they bump the bottom. With a fly you can keep it off the bottom and still moving.

Thanks for the Jig advice - got a great mix of colors and shapes (head) from e-Angler. Still open to any additional suggestions - so keep 'em coming.
Sea Strike - Here's a suggestion. I've heard all the chat about jig options colors, sizes, so forth and so on but the best fail proof method of catching these awe inspiring species is to get your hands on some fresh frozen shrimp prior to your departure (several Florida bait dealers will send them via Fed.Ex.right to your home) pack them up in 20 count bags and hand carry them to your ultimate destination. Keep them frozen. Each morning bring a couple of these bags on the boat with you. Make the cast-catch the fish.Let the purist laugh at you but you'll out catch them 15 to 1.
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